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The Challenge

In Switzerland graves typically lie undisturbed for 10 to 50 years, at which point the deceased is cremated and the grave recycled for future use. The deceased and their relatives are responsible for the landscaping of the grave (or a specific area in front of the gravestone) themselves.

ProLuminate's platform ensures a seamless way to discover reputable gardeners, and ensure the money required for the several decades past the burial is securely held.

Our Approach

During such a monumental moment, it's essential to create a seamless experience for the relatives of the deceased - Bringing peace of mind that their loved ones resting place will be taken care of with respect in perpetuity.

Brand Experience

The experience should have a calming effect, knowing that their loved ones' final resting place will be treated with care and respect. The neutral and natural color palette, and symbols of life.

Being a multicultural nation of a majority German Speakers, the brand identity was translated to German and was in line with local culture and tradition.

The Afterhours team partnered with Mutuu during our project with ProLuminate. They delivered top notch strategy and stunning brand identity that fit the clients needs perfectly. The result was a comprehensive and cohesive brand that our clients love. We've finally found a branding agency we can trust will execute all of our design needs.

Josh Levent, Mutuu: Agency for Proluminate


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